Being able to write content that is actually valuable and speaks to your potential clients is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner.

The more valuable content you put out there, the more you’ll be able to pitch your services or programs. But with all the other things you’ve got going on, finding the time to sit down and write the content can seem daunting and it quickly gets dropped to the bottom of the to-do list. 

To help with this, I jotted down the top 6 practical writing tips that I use to prioritize writing and crank out super valuable content every single day.

Writing Tip #1: Get outside your normal workspace

In order to be super-efficient and focused while you write, it is critical to break out of your usual workspace. I usually work at my desk, but when I sit down and write, I go outside or to a completely different room. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve tried to write at my desk (because sometimes it can seem like a huge pain to move to a different spot) only to have thirty minutes pass by without having written a word. Distractions are everywhere at your regular work spot (slack message, email notifications, Facebook alerts), so it’s crucial to have a dedicated writing space that is distraction-free.

Here are some tips to help: 

  1. Write outside where there’s no internet (weather-permitting, of course). As I’m sure we all know, the internet is a black hole that can suck you in for hours, so if you can write outside where there’s no internet, this will increase your efficiency dramatically. You don’t need any internet to write. All you need is Word or Pages. (Even Google Docs has an offline version, so there are no excuses 😉 ) If the weather is not good, try to go to a different room in your house or even a local coffee shop or the library. 
  2. Use good, old-fashioned paper and pen. Obviously, this will not work if you’re trying to write a 1500-word article for your blog, but when I’m writing ad copy, Facebook or Instagram posts, emails, or launch copy, I LOVE hand-writing it on a piece of paper. It helps to see it all out in front of me. 
  3. If you don’t want to hand-write everything, try using a device that’s not connected to anything work-related. (Maybe you have an old laptop or computer you use.)
  4. At the very least, I’d highly recommend you close all your browser tabs and silence your notifications. I keep my phone in the other room, where it’s out of sight.

Writing Tip #2: Set a timer and work in 30-50 minute time blocks

I know how busy entrepreneurs can get, and it can seem daunting when people say things like, “You need to write one blog post per day, three social media posts per day, five emails a week, etc..” It seems like there’s never-ending content that you need to create. However, you would be absolutely shocked how much good content you can write with only 30-50 minutes of hyper-focused, distraction-free writing a day (hence why Writing Tip #1 is so important!). 

So I suggest that you work in 30-50 time blocks and do 1-2 time blocks per day as time allows. I like to use an actual kitchen timer to keep track of my time (because I don’t have my phone near me when I write). Setting aside 30-minutes a day to provide good, valuable content to your clients or leads is very doable and super important. It simply comes down to setting the dedicated time aside and getting it done. 

When I first started, I did 30 minutes/day because it was less daunting to me. But writing is like working a muscle. After a while, I became much quicker, and the time flew by so fast, so I upped it to 50 minutes/day.

Writing Tip #3: Write now, edit later

In school, we were taught to edit as we go along. But I’ve found that it’s much better to just get the words and the thoughts all out there in an unformatted, messy version first. Then I go back and edit.

There are scientific studies out there that show that the creative writing part of the brain is very different from the editing part of the brain. So I highly recommend you follow this process as well. 

What I like to do is jot as much down as I possibly can in the first session. It’s by no means perfect, and it’s not supposed to be – this is just the first, rough draft! I then give it at least 24 hours before I pick it back up to start the editing and formatting. I’ve noticed that giving that time between writing and editing makes the whole process much quicker and produces much better, high-quality content.

I know for me that sometimes it can be scary and daunting to write the perfect ad or the best launch copy, so I procrastinate, and it takes much longer to get it done. But when I do it this way, I’m giving myself space to not be perfect on the first round, so it’s much less overwhelming. 

Writing Tip #4: Keep a running tally of your topics as they come to you

Most of my good ideas don’t come during my day-to-day workflow. All my big ideas and best writing topics come to me at the most random of times – walking on the beach, in the shower, when I’m first waking up in the morning, or flying on the plane. So, when a content idea comes to me when I’m out or not at my computer, I make sure that I write it down right away so I don’t forget. 

I have a Notes section on my phone that keeps track of all the future topics. Or, if it’s a little more in-depth, I’ll record a voice memo and send it to myself in Slack. I’ll even include any sub-points or bullet points that I’ll want to touch on later.

Here’s what it looks like in my notes:

6 Super-Practical Writing Tip To Create Good Content Quickly

This took me less than a minute to jot down in my notes, and it’s going to save me a lot of brainstorming time when I sit down to write this blog post. When an idea comes to you, write it down.

Writing Tip #5: Follow 2-3 formats

The more you write, the more you’ll start to notice patterns and formats in your writing. For example, my blog articles typically follow one of two different formats; a list format (5 Easy Peasy Tips To Have Stress-Free Sales Calls) or a How-To format (How To Start Manifesting). 

Having the format in mind before I even start typing helps tremendously because I know exactly which direction I am taking my blog post from the start. I can then quickly build my outline and fill it all with everything I want to say. 

You’ll notice that this is true of all the content I share: emails, launch copy, Facebook posts, clients testimonials, ads, etc. They all follow a similar layout, and this helps systemize and structure my writing process so much. 

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Writing Tip #6: Keep going even when you’re feeling uninspired

Producing good content is like most things in business. The more you do it, the easier and quicker it will get for you. When you sit down and write consistently every single day, you will be able to crank out super valuable content for your people and attract high-quality, high-paying clients left and right. I put out so much valuable content that I don’t even need to worry about how much I pitch because I know that I’ve done the hard work and shown up. 

And the same is true for you. People want to know what you have to say! You’ve just got to get it out there for them to read. So, even if you’re not feeling super inspired, I still encourage you to sit down and write for your 30 minutes. Even if it’s not that great and you don’t end up using most of it, having this discipline and consistency will pay you back loads in the long run.

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6 Super-Practical Writing Tip To Create Good Content Quickly

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Written by

Maria Wendt

Maria Wendt is a highly sought-after business coach who specializes in helping ambitious female entrepreneurs get clients online.

Published and interviewed in many different places, including Forbes & Business Insider, she mentors her community of 150,000+ business owners, teaching them exactly how to build a profitable online business.