At this point in my business, I’ve coached thousands of women on how to generate leads in their business. 

I know what works well and I know what pitfalls you should avoid. 

I want you to have so many leads coming in that you don’t know how to handle it.

So I came up with a list of the six most common mistakes I’ve seen business owners make over the years when trying to generate a constant steady flood of leads.

(Be sure to read to the end because #6 is the most important!)

And as you’re reading, try to identify the mistakes you could be making in your business right now:

Mistake #1: Not being consistent enough. 

You’re killing your flow when you’re starting and stopping and starting and stopping all the time. The most important thing you can do if you’re looking to generate hundreds of leads is come up with a manageable workload that you can hit consistently every single time.

So go slow and start small. Once you’ve consistently hit your goals, then you can expand.

Mistake #2: Saying the wrong thing. 

If you aren’t getting the leads you want, a big part of this is your messaging and your offer. There’s a TON I could say on this subject, but for now, just follow these two simple rules:

  1.  Keep your messaging short and concise. Cut out the fluff.
  2. Make your value clear and demonstrate a return on investment.

(If you want to learn more about crafting an irresistible offer, be sure to check out my Irresistible Offer Formula.)

Mistake #3: Picking the wrong platform.

Even if you’re saying the right thing, it won’t attract any leads if you’re saying it on the wrong platform.

Be intentional with your platform, and be sure it’s where your ideal clients hang out! 

Mistake #4: Getting discouraged too soon. 

If it doesn’t work out right away, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t meant to be or that you should quit. It can take a few attempts to get it right. You need to be constantly tweaking and testing, and trying new things.

Anytime we’re testing something new, we give it at least 12 honest revisions and attempts before throwing in the towel.

It’s ok to put a post out there and have it get crickets. The important thing is to keep going. 

Mistake #5: Narrowing too quickly. 

There are three stages to every sales funnel. There’s the top of the funnel, the qualifying stage of the funnel, and the bottom of the funnel where you’ll sign your clients.

A common mistake you may be making is skipping the top of the funnel and being way too specific with your niche and messaging. If you’re doing this, you’re throttling your growth and pushing away potential customers.

Instead, you need to start broad and narrow down along the way. 

Mistake #6: Having the wrong or bad expectations. 

It’s so important to know industry standard numbers as well as your own business numbers so that you know what to expect when it comes to your conversion rate. For example, if you expect a 20% conversion rate on a sales landing page, you will be disappointed when you see it’s only 5%.

But if you knew that a typical sales landing page converts at 1-2%, you’d be very excited to have such a high converting page.

So knowing your numbers is super critical when it comes to setting your goals and expectations.

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Written by

Maria Wendt

Maria Wendt is a highly sought-after business coach who specializes in helping ambitious female entrepreneurs get clients online.

Published and interviewed in many different places, including Forbes & Business Insider, she mentors her community of 150,000+ business owners, teaching them exactly how to build a profitable online business.