You know, the question “How can I grow my email list?” is one of the most repeated questions I get from my students. Tell you what, I understand. Email list-growing is critical to having an efficient, functioning, and profitable online business.

As a matter of fact, if you want to convert and grow your business as a whole, growing your email list should be your top priority no matter what!

You know why?!

It’s pretty simple! Email is a universally used means of communication. It’s by far popular than any social media platform. It also helps you diversity your business by not totally relying on social media.

Now check this out; according to AdWeek (which, by the way, is a networking agency), the click-through rates (CTR) for Twitter reduces as you get more followers. This is weird right! Seeming that you ought to be getting more clicks as you get more followers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. This also applies to Facebook and Facebook ads.

Email, on the other hand, is one of a kind. Compared with other social media platforms, it is second to none when it comes down to CTR, conversions, and ROI. As competitive as email seems, it is actually a lot less competitive than social media by far.

Having this advantage, emails get more conversion than any other social media platform. And you know, more conversions bring more audience and obviously increase your business’s growth.

Now, want to know how to grow your email list?! I’m sure you do now. So sit tight and get a bowl of popcorn as I take you through these eight unique ways to grow your email list.

Shall we?! Let’s go

Get the right clients for your business.

You can have a well-structured website filled with great and helpful content, you can as well have the best offer there is in your line of business, but if you aren’t getting enough traffic to your site, your email list won’t grow.

Your website visitors are a crucial part of email growth, traffic quantity is essential, but the quality of your traffic is equally important, if not more important than quantity.

I bet you don’t want just any random internet user entering your website and joining your list. You need to attract the specific type of person who is going to be interested in what you have to say and the solutions your business offers. So, rather than thinking of how to get thousands of people to your website each day, consider asking yourself these questions.

  • What type of person am I trying to connect with?
  • Who are my ideal customers that will benefit from what I’m about to offer?
  • How can I help them?
  • How am I going to get my content in front of them?

One of the best ways to do this is to curate innovative and engaging content that will attract your potential client.

Freebies (Lead Magnets)

One of the best and popular ways to start growing your email list is to create several really good freebies. This is what we call “Lead magnets”. A lead magnet is a special offer of value that you promote to your audience in exchange for their contact (mainly their email address).

Here are 3 of our most popular freebies (so you can see live examples of what is working right now):

  1. Get Clients Now Action Worksheet
  2. 72 Manifesting Mantras That Helped Me Make $1M Last Year
  3. Instagram Story Templates To Make Sales

Although this method has been around for a while, it’s still an effective method of growing your email list. Here are a few tips I’d like to share with you on creating efficient freebies that’d help you grow your email list.

You Should Understand Your Buyers.

Regardless of the fact that you use email marketing or any other means of reaching out to your potential buyers, you should always – at least to some extent – understand who you are selling to. Email growing can is achieved by knowing your market research and data about the buyers you already have. Knowing your client’s demographics like age, gender, social status, job, and so on can come in handy.

Create A Sense Of Urgency.

Phrases like “Just made public,” “Hot of the press,” “Fresh out the press” creates a sense of something new that your potential clients will benefit from. This can be quick knowledge or insights or even a simple process that you jotted down on a Google doc.

Stock Up Your Proposition With Value.

Consider this scenario; let’s say you are the client now. Would you choose such an offer from the seller? I’d bet the only way you can buy it is if such an offer brings a valuable solution to your current problem. There you go! You have to make irresistible offers available for your potential clients.

Expose Your Potential Clients to Your Offer

You’ve crafted high-quality, compelling freebies that will compel your buyers to convert; you’ve developed a targeted content strategy that has brought qualified visitors to your website. All you need now is to present those freebies to your teeming visitors. There are several methods for this to be done. Scenarios like a bit of sliding in from the side of the screen, pop-ups, and hyperlinks, to name a few. The point is to grab people’s attention.

Try Exclusive Content To Turn Your Blog Post Into Lead Magnets.

Here’s also a worthy idea. Try gating some of those great content to get an email subscription. This means that part of your blog post is hidden, and the reader will have to input their email address to unlock the content. For example, say one-quarter of the post is available to read, but when readers reach that limit, they are blocked from reading any further lest they enter their email address.

Although you have to keep in mind that exclusive content must be of great value, well-written, and informative enough to give your teeming readers their expected payoff, you don’t want to post a mediocre blog post your readers won’t be happy about.

Create High-Converting Landing Pages for Your Freebies

All capable lead magnets need a landing page. Especially if you decide to run some list-building ads, you’re going to need this asset. This method also serves well if you want to direct your social media traffic to your lead magnet.

Let’s look into the properties of a solid landing page.

  • A primary headline
  • A secondary headline or subheading
  • A descriptive statement
  • Benefits in bullet points
  • An image of your freebie
  • Minimal form fields (two fields maximum)
  • A call to action
  • Social proof (not necessary)
  • A snippet about you and a picture (also not required)

Most landing pages don’t work because they don’t include all these properties. I’ll strongly recommend including everything listed above if you want an efficient and effective landing page.

Tip: Try to shorten the length of your lead capturing forms so as not to scare off potential clients with too many fields to fill.

Use Discount and Deals

Frequently, a simple discount or an exclusive coupon encourages clients to make a decision. However, it’s possible to make use of such an opportunity to nudge them into joining your email list.

Ask For Feedback

After attaining the level and number of clients you want. You’ll probably be overwhelmed with the excitement of achieving your goal, and you’ll likely neglect the part where you should follow up with your audience. You can create a survey to your site asking your clients what they like and dislike about a product or service and asking for their opinion. This makes them feel valued. So asking them how they think about something gives them this sense and community, which in turn helps in client retention.

Be consistent

This is a no-brainer! You have to keep being consistent. Be it delivering rich content, offering valued freebies, having irresistible discounts, and all ways you use in growing your email list. You have to keep it up. So if you’ve been doing this consistently, I have to say, well done! I’m Glad you are. Take a break, enjoy your little wins and keep working.

Adding to all this, there are numerous means and methods you can use to grow your email list. From hosting webinars to the usage of paid plugins and the likes. I strongly recommend picking out the ones you’re comfortable with and stick to them.

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Written by

Maria Wendt

Maria Wendt is a highly sought-after business coach who specializes in helping ambitious female entrepreneurs get clients online.

Published and interviewed in many different places, including Forbes & Business Insider, she mentors her community of 150,000+ business owners, teaching them exactly how to build a profitable online business.