Steady leads flow from steady actions. 

Before I figured out how to get clients consistently, I was so stressed all the time. 

In fact, I was so overwhelmed I would go through gray, depressive periods. I would curl up on the couch and not work at all, trying to handle the overwhelm by retreating into blankets and Netflix.  

In my first year of business, I only made $63.22. 

It was very frustrating, to say the least. 

Looking back, I know exactly what the problem was; I didn’t have a steady flow of leads. 

My clients (and income!) were very sporadic. I couldn’t count on it… and it left me feeling very scared and financially insecure. 

Now, I enroll students every single day, with minimal work on my end.

I have built a robust, steady pipeline of amazing, dream soulmate clients who love me and are eager to pay me money.

Having a steady flow of leads coming in every day completely changes the name of the game for your business. 

Today, I will share the seven steps you should follow if you want a steady flow of leads and a consistent income you can count on. 

Step One: Get your heart & head in the game.

You absolutely can get as many leads as you want.

Even if you don’t feel like you can just yet, that’s okay.

I just want you to know that you can. I will show you how but we must start from a place of belief in ourselves.

If you follow the steps I share below, you will dramatically increase the number of leads flowing to you daily, and our first step is to get our head in the game mentally.

At its core, I want to understand that we need to change our habits.

Right now, you probably don’t have the habit of taking the right actions daily, actions that will fill your pipeline with leads.

But that’s all consistent lead generation is, a simple habit we need to build together.

This is really good news because this means that anyone can build a steady flow of leads, no matter what kind of business you have.

As we step into the practical steps, I want to share this quote that quite perfectly sums out what a steady flow of leads is:

“Drop by drop is the water pot filled.”

— Buddha

In other words, slowly and steadily, your lead pipeline is filled.

Remember, growth isn't linear & it takes time. (1).jpg

Step Two: Pick one platform to show up on.

Ever feel overwhelmed trying to grow your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook & email list all at once?

You should! It’s normal!

I see too many entrepreneurs try and take on too much and then get frustrated when they don’t see any traction.

It’s really hard to build five things at once.

Instead, you are going to start by picking just one platform to show up on…just one.

This is going to get you laser-focused and force you to pour all your efforts into creating massive momentum on just one platform.

You will see growth and leads coming to you much more quickly because you have gone all-in on this one space.

I also found that by focusing down on one platform, I personally was able to get super crystal clear clarity on what the heck I was supposed to be doing.

It also lets you chose what you are spending your time learning about. If you are focused on growing your Instagram, no need to sign up to a training teaching you how to grow on TikTok.

I recommend you pick a platform that you and your ideal clients enjoy spending time on. For now, don’t worry about the other platforms.

The time will come to build on the other platforms but we are going to do this one attainable step at a time.

Step Three: Decide the kind of content you want to create consistently. 

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to creating content.

Some of my students love creating videos. Others love writing posts. Still others do super well on livestreams.

There really is no wrong answer here.

The key to doing this consistently is to make sure you’re creating content that you really love and enjoy creating.

Otherwise, you will really struggle to stay motivated enough to create the amount of content we will need to be creating (and you will struggle to stay consistent at well.)

The easiest way to stay consistent with something is to: A) make sure you commit to making it a habit and B) enjoy what you’re doing.

Using myself as an example, I am an extreme introvert. So, for me, Clubhouse is a nightmare. All those people talking all at once…my nightmare! So I am not focusing on creating content on Clubhouse at all. I would be kicking and screaming every day if I had to create content there.

It’s absolutely okay to give yourself permission to pick the kind of content you want to create.

As you decide, it’s important to remember that there probably will be a little bit of a learning curve to any kind of content you create and that’s not a big deal.

Take your time, do some experiments and then make your decision.

Step Four: Choose how you will get new people into your world. 

Now, this is probably the most important step in the whole process.

Most people know that they need to create content but they don’t know that they also need to do something to get new people into their world.

How are you going to get people to see all the awesome content you are creating?

You are going to be pro-active and bring them into your world.

I first learned about this concept years ago from a blog post by Derek Halpern at Social Triggers. He wrote an amazing blog post about how 20% of your time should be spent creating content and the other 80% should be spent promoting your content.

I highly recommend you take a moment and read his post, it’s a solid strategy that I’ve used for 8 years.

So, how are you going to promote your content? How are you going to bring people into your world?

This is something that will vary from platform to platform but, really simply, you just need to be networking on the platforms.

Literally spending time on the platform. (If you did pick Instagram as your platform to create content on, I’d recommend my Love Shower strategy.)

Step Five: Actually create the content.

Easier said than done, right?

But this whole plan relies on you executing the work.

You’ve got to create the content. I wish I could go to your house, breathe over your shoulder and playfully force you to do it, haha.

Since I can’t do that, I’ll do the next best thing.

I wanted to share a couple of strategies to consider so the content actually gets out daily:
  1. Do it first thing, every day.
  2. Create a reward system that actually motivates you. (ex: If you get seven reels out this week, you get to buy something you’ve had your eye on.)
  3. Honor your word. If I say I am going to do something, I get it done. My word is bond. It took time to develop this discipline, though. Perhaps today is a great day to start practicing that. It’s important to keep your word with others, but I think it’s even more important to keep your word to yourself. It’s a great form of self-love, I’ve found.
  4. Put it into your calendar and create space around it. If you create space for it in your calendar, you will feel much less overwhelmed.
  5. Give yourself grace to improve over time. You won’t be perfectly putting out content right away, and that is totally okay!!

Step Six: Implement the strategy you drew up in Step 4.

Very similar to Step Five, but this step focuses on making sure we push people to our content we’ve just created.

Remember, as Derek says in his blog post,

“It’s smarter to find another 10,000 people to consume what you’ve already created as opposed to creating more. Or, in other words, create content 20% of the time. Spend the other 80% of the time promoting what you created.”

So, we want to honor the work we’ve done to create content by helping as many people as possible see it.

Just like you made a plan to create your content, be sure to make a plan to push it out and spend time on the platform you are focusing on.

As a reminder, building a steady flow of leads is one of the most important things you can do for your business, so, in my opinion, it’s time well-spent.

Step Seven: Commit to the long haul.

It takes time to establish a consistent lead flow.

Have you ever heard the story of how bamboo grows?

Like any plant, the growth of the Chinese Bamboo Tree requires nurturing – water, fertile soil, sunshine.

In its first year, we see no visible signs of activity.

In the second year, again, no growth above the soil.

The third, the fourth, still nothing.

Our patience is tested, and we begin to wonder if our efforts (caring, water, etc.) will ever be rewarded.

And finally in the fifth year – behold, a miracle! We experience growth. And what growth it is! The Chinese Bamboo Tree grows 80 feet in just six weeks!


Building a steady lead flow is just like this.

At first, you are going to put a lot of work in without seeing a huge payoff. That’s normal, don’t freak out, don’t worry.

Having coached thousands of students, I can guarantee that your reward is right around the corner. I find that it helps to settle in and get cozy with your content creation.

Think of it as a new lifestyle choice you are making or a new identity you are assuming.

You’re a content creator now. If it feels right, consider adopting a new mantra, “I am a content creator, so of course, I create content.”

Keep doing exactly what you are doing. Stick to the plan, and your own bamboo forest will shoot up soon enough!

As a final thought, steady leads flow from steady actions. 

Like depositing money at a bank, the more you put in, the more you can take out.

I hope you found this post helpful! 

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Written by

Maria Wendt

Maria Wendt is a highly sought-after business coach who specializes in helping ambitious female entrepreneurs get clients online.

Published and interviewed in many different places, including Forbes & Business Insider, she mentors her community of 150,000+ business owners, teaching them exactly how to build a profitable online business.