I remember being on the phone with my mom and describing Facebook groups to her for the very first time, “It’s so cool, you get to meet lots of cool people. But I feel like a tiny fish in a big ocean.”

I had just joined my first Facebook group (a support group for people who were doing Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning.), and it opened my eyes to the beautiful world of entrepreneurship. 

That was about eight years ago today.  

I felt fortunate to have had that initial interaction with Facebook groups because my attitude towards groups is very different than most business owners.

I know how valuable they are, even if you could never promote your business in a single group again. 

The networking & the connections you can make there are unparalleled. If you can do it correctly, no other social media is quite like it.

I have gone from getting a few clients to being consistently booked to running a 7-figure business for eight years. And I owe much of that to Facebook groups. 

But that’s so different than what we usually hear. We usually hear, “Facebook groups are dead.” Or “Facebook groups don’t allow promo in this or that.” Or “There’s no Facebook groups for MY ideal clients.” 

All of those are simply not the case. In my Get Clients Now program, I have helped hundreds of students in hundreds of different industries — one of my students even helps people organize their refrigerator for a living. 

My students are in all kinds of industries and are making a fortune properly utilizing Facebook groups.

So, as we begin, we need to start by adjusting our mindset around those Facebook groups. They absolutely can be used to get clients, even if they don’t allow promo. 

In fact, here’s the crazy thing. Back in the day, no one even did those promo threads. (Example: “Want my freebie, comment ME!”). We didn’t even know how to at the time. 

Instead, we got clients with Facebook groups using the following five tips I will be sharing below.

I hope you find it helpful!

Sneaky Tip #1: Use my Before/After/How? style posts.

This is a tactic I pioneered about eight years ago. Essentially, what you do is share a win in a Facebook group — but with some flair. I thought it would be helpful to break this down into simple steps that you can follow.

Step One: Write a post that shares a big win but also shares where you were previously.

This creates a powerful contrast and increases the value of your current win. So, for example, I might share that I made $180,000 in cash in November. But I might also share how, on a November morning three years ago, I had to borrow money from my little sister. Before: borrowing money from my sister. After: making over a million dollars a year.

Step Two: Share this well-written, emotional post with a Facebook group that you know is filled with your ideal clients.

People who want the win you’ll be sharing. Important: be sure to share this post with an eye-catching photo. You have to really get a unique one if you want to stand out. Colorful, different, eye-catching. I like to visualize my ideal client scrolling through her phone. I like to ask myself, “What will get her to stop scrolling and read my post?” It helps me think outside of the box with my images.

Step Three: Your ideal clients will start asking you how you did it.

They will start asking you in the comments section, “How did you do it?! What are your secrets?” And that’s where you can politely reply back and say something like, “I am happy to get that info to you! May I PM you?” They will usually say, “Yes!”

Step Four: Start conversations with your ideal clients & then turn those conversations into clients.

I have a whole little program that teaches you how to makes sales in your DMs without even having to hop on a sales call. You can check that little $7 kit out here.

Bonus tip: If you really want to nail the “wow” angle, they will go check you out on Facebook. They want to know who you are and how you created what you created. Be sure to get your profile optimized and ready for that traffic.

Sneaky Tip #2: Assign 15 minutes daily to use the group search bar to answer your commonly asked questions.

This is one of my favorite tips; I would just spend about 15 minutes a day answering my ideal clients’ questions in the groups I was in. It didn’t take long and all and it was a great way to shower my potential clients with lots and lots of value. I would consistently land at least 1 client a week by doing the following: 

Step One: Make a list of keywords.

I like to have a simple Google docs list of keywords that my ideal clients typically ask questions about. (For example: marketing, messaging, niche, business, sales, content, etc.). Keep it broad and don’t go too narrow. 

Step Two: Make a list of Facebook groups where your ideal clients are hanging out.

Keep this super simple. Too many entrepreneurs get bogged down and overanalyze their groups. Just pick a few to start, you can always try new groups later. 

Step Three: Use the search bar in those Facebook groups to find ideal clients who are asking questions around your keywords.

These are people who need your support. You’re the expert and you can really make a huge difference by answering their questions for them. My rule of thumb is to answer their initial question, no strings attached, in the comments. If they ask me a follow-up question, I will reply, “May I PM you to continue the conversation?” and then I will generally turn them into a client by using my DM sales process. ($7).

Sneaky Tip #3: Go live (and host watch parties to rewatch old content).

My business blew up after I did 30 days of livestreams. I instantly noticed the difference. More engagement, more leads, more inquires. And the best part? Many groups don’t have any rules around going live!

Don’t spend too much time on these livestreams. 

The good news is you should keep them 10-15 mins long. I usually like to share “3 Tips to Do This” or “5 Steps to Do That.” Simple & straight to the point.

Not only that but you can usually soft pitch in those livestreams.

Don’t be over the top about it, of course. But if someone says, “Wow, I loved that tip you shared! How can I learn more about that?”, it would be totally appropriate to reply back, “PM me for the deets!” 

You can also host “watch parties” and reshare the content several times. Here’s how to host a watch party.

Sneaky Tip #4: Set a commitment to teaching one thing daily.

Did you know that this used to be the only way people knew to get clients back in the day?

We weren’t tech-savvy people. We didn’t know all the algorithm hacks. But we did know how to give value.

You need to become known for what you do, and the fastest way to do that is to start teaching what you know.

Show up once a day in your groups and teach something daily.

Consistency is key here. If you continually pop up in Facebook groups, day in and day out, teaching very valuable content, you will become seen as the go-to expert of your industry.

Ready for a hack you can implement right away to get more clients?

This is so easy I can explain it in just one step!

Let’s dive right in! Here it is:

Sneaky Tip #5: Use the search function inside of large Facebook groups to find potential clients who are actively looking for experts in your field.

This is a great way to find potential clients who are already looking for what you have to offer.

The best groups to do this in are larger groups (15,000+ members).

It’s as simple as going to the search feature and entering keywords that are related to your industry.

Let’s pretend you are a business coach:


A quick search in just one Facebook group reveals lots of people who are looking for business coaches to help them grow their business.

Let’s see another example (this time let’s pretend we are a website designer):


As we can see, there are also lots of people looking for website designers. You will find this to be the case in any large Facebook group.

There really are hundreds of clients out there, waiting for you to find them.

This hack is super empowering because it helps you realize just how many potential clients there really are.  You don’t have to wait around for someone to find you, you can go out and find them yourself.

Want Sneaky Tip #5 to be fool-proof for you?

Follow this checklist below:

Create a list of 5-10 larger groups that you check daily.

This is best to do once a day, just spend ten minutes or so checking for new posts.

Get creative with the search terms.

Don’t forget to search for the keywords that your clients use to describe their pain points. Ex: “how to sell more online”.

If you consistently follow the above steps, you’ll find that Facebook groups are a total goldmine of potential clients.

I really hope this helps you!!

Want to turn DMs into sales? Grab a copy of my little $7 kit that shows you how to turn random conversations into more sales:


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Written by

Maria Wendt

Maria Wendt is a highly sought-after business coach who specializes in helping ambitious female entrepreneurs get clients online.

Published and interviewed in many different places, including Forbes & Business Insider, she mentors her community of 150,000+ business owners, teaching them exactly how to build a profitable online business.