So the other day, a student in my Get Clients Now program made a little post to our community.

She explained that she was struggling to find clients with Facebook groups and didn’t think that it was a good strategy for her and her business.

Get Clients With Facebook Groups

This really got me thinking because I hear this quite a bit from my students or other people in my industry. But over the last two years, we’ve done over $2M in revenue, and almost 50% has come from free Facebook groups. So do the math on that. We’ve done over $1M in revenue with Facebook groups. So, in other words, Facebook groups are an insane goldmine. But most people don’t know how to use them properly, and they don’t have a clear strategy that will actually get them clients. 

I want you to look at how many leads, comments, and engagements my team and I have gotten in Facebook groups. And recognize and realize that this is something that we do every single week. These aren’t just our best viral posts. We recreate this every single day. 

Get Clients With Facebook Groups

Get Clients With Facebook Groups

Get Clients With Facebook Groups

So I replied back to my student’s comment and left some feedback on her post. Afterward, it got me thinking about why don’t Facebook groups work for so many people. Essentially what it comes down to is 95% of people don’t use Facebook groups the right way. This means that 5% of the people in Facebook groups are implementing the proper strategies to collect all the clients from these groups. 

I want you to be part of that 5% which is why I’m sharing the top common misconceptions about getting clients with Facebook groups today in this article. We’re going to bust these myths around marketing with Facebook groups one at a time right here together.

Misconception #1: “There aren’t Facebook groups that allow promo anymore, or there aren’t Facebook groups for my industry.”

But here’s what happens. Most people will spend about 30 minutes looking for a Facebook group. They’ll find 1 or 2 decent ones, try a little posting here or there, and then when it doesn’t immediately work for them; they think the whole strategy doesn’t work for them. So they stop showing up and being consistent, and they end up quitting their Facebook group strategy. 

Here’s the thing, though. It can take two or three hours minimum to find ONE goldmine FB group. But when you do, it’s how you get all the clients. 

Now, I’ve created a list of over 250 FB groups that you can use to promote your business for my Get Clients Now students, so if you’re in my GCN program, this will save you some time. 

You need to understand that you’ll have to go searching a little bit for those goldmine groups. Just because you can’t find it right away doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. So put in the work to find the best groups where you’re ideal clients hang out. 

And remember, even if a group looks small (2K or less for example), it’s still a room full of 2K of your ideal clients. So don’t write off small groups necessarily, especially if it’s a community of your ideal clients. 

Misconception #2: “Marketing with Facebook groups simply doesn’t work anymore.”

I hear all the time, “Maybe this used to work, Maria, but it’s 2021. This strategy is super old and outdated”. 

And in some ways, it was easier a while ago, but it was also a lot harder in some ways. For example, people forget that there were no promos allowed at all in Facebook groups when I started my business. So the only way you could get clients with Facebook groups was through networking and relationship-building. 

So I just want to bust through that myth that Facebook group strategies don’t work anymore because it’s old or outdated. 

If you’re getting crickets or no engagement on your posts in Facebook groups, it likely is coming down to your copy and messaging. Unfortunately, what happens is most people’s copy just doesn’t work the first time around. But at this point in my coaching career, I’ve reviewed thousands of student’s posts, and 99.9% of the time, it’s not the Facebook group that’s the problem; it’s the copy.

This is actually really cool to know because that means your opportunity for getting clients just dramatically increased. If it’s not the Facebook groups that are the issue, you actually have many potential clients to gain from utilizing these Facebook group strategies. It all comes down to the copy, so some of the work just got put back on you. You’ll have to try 13, 14, 15 even 20 post variations before you find something that really works.

Most people aren’t willing to try something 15 or 20 times to get it right. We had a student that had to revise her posts and tweak her copy for four months before she found something that stuck with her ideal market. Most people would have given up, but now she’s absolutely crushing it. 

If you’re reading this and are a GCN student, just know that you can always post your copy variations to the GCN VIP Facebook group for the community to review. If you’re not a member of the Get Clients Now program, you should check it out. And also, understand that the marketplace is going to talk to you through your copy. So if you’re getting crickets on your posts, it’s not the strategy that’s not working; it’s your copy. 

Misconception #3. “Getting clients with Facebook groups is not an effective or a good long-term strategy.”

People may think building your Instagram platform is better or podcasting is the way to go. And you do have to do what works for you. I’m a big believer in making your business work for you. So if you don’t like Facebook groups, then that’s ok, and you should do something else. 

But don’t be disillusioned or delusional and think that you can’t make money with Facebook groups. It’s an excellent way to way money, it’s a very great long-term strategy, and it’s very effective. It’s ok if it’s not for you, but those are two different things. We’ve been doing it this way for years, and we have two team members who each post once a day in 3 different Facebook groups. 

So that means that they’re posting a total of 35 posts per week in different Facebook groups. Like I mentioned earlier, this brings in about 50% of our revenue, so that’s $60K-70K per month just from Facebook groups. We also collected around 5,000 new email addresses every month for free through this Facebook group strategy. We now have an email list of over 100,000 ideal clients, and a big part of that is because of all the work we do in Facebook groups.  

If you take away anything from this article, it’s that Facebook groups are a goldmine, so if you’re going to be part of the 5% that reaps the rewards, you’re going to have to be willing to put in the work with tweaking your posts and creating content every single day. 

Every day we see so many people who don’t know the proper strategy for Facebook groups, and so that’s why we teach all our students in the Get Clients Now program how to create a strategy that actually gets them clients. 

Here at Team Maria, we love Facebook groups and see them as an incredible opportunity for an easy way to get clients for free. You don’t have to pay for ads, and you don’t have to pay a team member to do this for you. The barrier to entry is so low, and it is such an even playing field for those just starting their business. So once you figure it out, it’s a really simple way to get clients. And the fact is, my students in the GCN program are landing hundreds of clients with these Facebook group tactics.

Get Clients With Facebook Groups

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