I grew up middle class. So, weighed down by my own limiting beliefs, I thought I would never make more than $40,000 a year ever. That was it, the limit I set for myself.

But over time, I started to expand what was possible for me. I found myself surrounded by very successful women, making a million dollars or more per year.

At the time, the idea of making $1,000,000 in 1 year blew my mind. I couldn’t wrap my head around it, but I started to dream of making that happen for myself.

Then, in 2020, my own business made over $1MIL, too.

Miracles do happen.

As I reflected on the year I had, I realized that I noticed patterns of behavior in all my successful friends. Things we all seemed to do.

I thought to myself, “I wish I had known all this when I was just getting started.”

So I made a list of 10 habits I’ve noticed millionaire women seem to have.

Remember, all women are different. Some millionaire women have SOME of these habits but not all. This list does not describe every woman who is a millionaire.

I recommend you read this list over and pick one that feels good to you. (Always take things one step at a time!)

I hope you find this helpful!

1. They aren’t afraid to be clear and specific about what they want.

Successful women know that if you are going to get what you want, you need to know what you want. They are very specific about their desires, whether it be love, money, impact, etc.

Sometimes, we minimize our most authentic desires. Perhaps we pretend that we don’t want a certain amount of money or hide the fact that we are in a lackluster relationship.

But truly successful women know that you can’t get what you really want if you pretend to be content with something else.

They aren’t afraid to dream big, and they aren’t afraid to speak their desires out loud because they know that’s the surest way to make them become reality.

They are confident and grounded in the life they want.

2. They often focus on personal development & empowering themselves.

Any successful person I have ever met was obsessed with becoming the best version of themselves. There is a connection between personal development and success; millionaire women know that.

They have also been in business for some time, usually, so they know that there is more to life than money. They typically are seeking inner peace and deep fulfillment, amongst other things.

So they prioritize their personal growth.

Successful women also know that they will need to heavily rely on their inner strength and wisdom to get them to ride out the roller coasters of entrepreneurship, and so they intentionally empower themselves, through reading, learning, & actions, to powerfully handle any challenge that comes their way.

3. They know that time is their most valuable commodity.

Knowing that time is valuable does not mean that they feel the need to be working 24/7, although perhaps some do. “Hustling” is overrated.

On the contrary, most successful women think of time differently. They realize that time is their most valuable commodity, and so they are intentional with it.

And they prioritize and set boundaries accordingly. Many millionaire women intentionally create space to have peace, relax, recharge, give back, spend time with family, etc.

They realize life is not all about work…but more on that later.

4. They work smarter, not harder.

Usually with automation systems in place. You’d be surprised; most people think that 7-figure business owners have huge teams…but the truth is the smart ones know that that a small, tightly-knit productive team is better than a huge, disorganized, less efficient team.

Many savvy, successful women build good systems in place to work smarter, not harder. This typically is played out in all areas of life, not just business. For example, many of my groceries automatically come to my house every month using Amazon subscriptions.

Less shopping for me means more time doing things I love.

more time doing things I love.

5. They prioritize networking & good connections…but they know how to set healthy boundaries.

In my experience, good business is all about two things: building relationships & providing value.

Millionaire women know that you never know what connection will open a door for you…and so they treat everyone with openness and respect.

They typically join masterminds where they can connect with other like-minded people. On the flip side, they know that they can’t spend all day talking to people without being drained, so they set good boundaries.

They are ok to wait a day or two to reply to people; they know what things can wait and what things can’t. They typically do not engage in drama; they usually pour their energy and time into positive relationships.

6. They have great financial savvy, knowing how much they make and where it goes.

This is one thing I have learned from the company of the women I now spend time with. I always thought that the more money you have, the less you worry.

That’s partially true, but that doesn’t mean you don’t lose track of what comes in or where it goes. I learned this hack from my friend and fellow mastermind buddy, Denise Duffield Thomas, author of Get Rich, Lucky Bitch.

She says, “Tracking EVERY PENNY that comes into my life has completely changed my relationship with money.” To learn more about how women millionaires do it, read this blog post.

7. They are incredibly proud of everything they’ve built.

Successful women are proud that they’ve been able to ride the ups and downs of starting a business. It’s not easy, and they are extremely proud of everything they’ve been able to accomplish.

They are usually eager to turn around and share what worked for them (because they remember what it was like to be just starting). In my personal experience, successful people are usually the most generous and open.

They typically acknowledge that they didn’t get there alone, so they are always eager to pay it back.

8. They aren’t afraid to make the hard calls where needed.

Over the years, the average successful woman has likely had to make many difficult choices.

Perhaps letting a team member go, speaking up for themselves, advocating for others, or any number of challenging or scary things; successful women are not afraid to do what is needed.

They typically have dealt with slander online, ad accounts getting shut down, hateful comments online, substantial financial setbacks, you name it.

But they know this builds their resilience, so they embrace the hard calls they need to make because they know it makes them stronger women.

9. They are often motivated by something beyond themselves.

Millionaire women often don’t start businesses to make a bunch of money. I find that they started their business to make the world a better place. It looks different for every woman, but here are some examples I’ve seen:

  • To take care of my family.
  • To pay off debt.
  • To have more freedom.
  • To help more people.
  • To create impact.

Very rarely do you see millionaire women saying things like, “I started my business to buy a Lamborghini.”

No, successful women are typically motivated by a desire to create profound, impactful change.

10. They tend to be very passionate about their work, to near-obsessive levels.

Successful women who own their businesses are incredibly passionate about them, often joking that their business “is their baby.”

The actual reason for the passion, for most, lies in the impact they know they are currently having — and the future impact these women know they will have.

They are deeply committed to their life’s work — and eager to leave a meaningful legacy.

Sometimes, they sacrifice good things in exchange for different good things; other women seem to find a balance and have it all.

Either way, their passion for their work is a driving force that propels them to beautiful heights, creating a massive impact for good.

Bonus: They know it’s not all about the money.

This was going to be a list of just ten habits of millionaire women, but I wanted to add a final one because I think it’s essential.

Millionaire women know that real success is not just about the money.

There is another level.

And everyone comes to it at a different time in their own way at their own pace. Some call it “making a difference.” Others call it “leaving a legacy.”

Others call it “abundance” or “fulfillment.”

There are many names for this next level, but millionaire women have learned the most important lesson; it’s not all about the money.

As we close, I want to say that these are generalized thoughts, based on simple observations I’ve made in the masterminds I’ve spent time in.

Please remember this by no means describes every woman who is a millionaire.

So, what did you think? Did you find this helpful? Would you like to see posts like this in the future?

I remember when I had just started my business, I craved insider access into the thought process of women who had made it. I wanted to know how they thought and what they did.

So I hope you found this helpful!

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