My Ridiculously Easy Formula For Finding Good Clients

I’m going to be sharing my ridiculously easy formula for finding those good clients.


You need to get really clear on what it is you want and how you want to be seen. That’s the first step in all of this.

Do you want to be a high end marketer, high end coach, high end strategist? Or did you want to be the business that caters to those with smaller budgets?

These kinds of questions are so important to answer when you’re wanting to get more good clients.

So the first thing you gotta do is you gotta brand yourself and spend some time figuring out how you want to be positioned in your industry.


The second thing that you need to do is you need to clearly communicate what it is you want to be known for.

So you spend some time figuring out what your brand message is, you’re really clear on what your ideal client needs, now you’ve got to clearly communicate that, and if you can’t clearly communicate your value, you’re gonna struggle to find clients.

So the second thing that you need to do is spend sometime clearly communicating that value that you have.


Third thing that’s crucial in this formula to get good clients is to spend time helping people for free.

I mean, really spend some time with it.

Don’t just answer a couple questions here and there, really invest in helping people out. I’ve done this for the last five years, and I’ve been booked solid with clients.

I’ve always had clients coming to work with me, I’ve never done ads, I’ve never had to work really hard to be salesy or to sell because I’ve always invested my time in helping people.

Videos like this are a classic example, I’m just helping you get more clients and this is something that I love to do.

So shift your attitude a little bit and start helping people out more and you’ll find that the clients really do come to you.


The fourth thing that you need to do is you need to set up a system or funnel that’s going to attract the right people.

This is what I help my clients do, I help them set up a system that’s going to help get them good clients, their ideal clients, their soulmate clients, their dream clients, whatever it is you wanna call it, there are people out there that you wanna work with because they light you up and those are the kind of clients that I’m gonna help you get.

So the fourth thing that you need to do, set up a funnel to actually get those clients and it’s an organic funnel, no paid ads, no complicated tech, I help you set it up.

But it is a system that is going to get you more clients.


The the fifth step in my formula for getting good clients, is I pay attention to my gut and I don’t take on clients that have red flags.

I just don’t work with clients that aren’t a good fit for me, and that has served my business so well in the long run because I’ve gotten to focus on working with people that actually light me up and that I enjoy working with.


The sixth thing that I do, the sixth part of this formula is I do a great job and I get a lot of referrals.

So referrals are a huge part of my business because I have a high standard for the kind of work that I do.

My clients always see results, always love working with me, and they’re always sending their friends back to me, and this has been a huge part of how I get clients.

So for you, if you aren’t getting referrals right now, the first thing is you might not be asking for them, but the second thing is how great of a job are you doing? So that’s the sixth thing that I recommend doing.


The final thing that I do, and this is crucial guys, I make sure my website is actually optimized to send me clients.

So many people, they work so hard on putting themselves out there on Instagram, and Facebook, and all this, but it’s sort of putting the cart before the horse because they’re spending all this time marketing themselves but their website isn’t actually sending them clients.

So if your website isn’t sending you clients, what you probably should do is reach out to me, ask questions in the comments or go to my website, and just reach out to me because I can help take a look at your website and give you information on why you aren’t getting clients.

What do you think?


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