9 Mistakes Coaches Continue to Make! (Which Ones are YOU Making??)

There’s no doubt about it. The online coaching industry is exploding. And honestly, I am here for it!

I LOVE our growing industry. I mean, how amazing is it that we can run our businesses that help others succeed and grow in life!!


The only issue is….

Many coaches, eager and excited to grow their businesses, are making some mistakes. (9 of them, to be exact.)

And hey, the reason I can even spot them is because at some point I made these same mistakes!!

Been there, done that.

So please remember I am pointing these out in LOVE, and I want only the best for you and your coaching business.

Fortunately these mistakes are preventable, and if you recognize that you are guilty, you can make some easy tweaks to fix!

Grab your notebook, we are going to be doing some brainstorming!

So what are these 9 mistakes? Here we go!


Tinkering with your website, playing around in Canva, spending days creating the perfect freebie…..

Babe, I hate to break it to ya but these things – though fun – aren’t making you money.

Now I’m not saying to never spend time on these activities.

But I AM saying that you need to be focusing on your income-generating activities FIRST.

Journal exercise: Time for a time audit. What do I spend my time on throughout the week? Where can I shift my schedule around so that I can accomplish my income-generating activities first?


When we’re just starting out, we are so excited about everything we’re learning and applying to our own lives, and seeing the results of our efforts.

Naturally, our next step is to seek out problems we can solve with our friends, families, coworkers, and everyone on social media.

I mean, we just want to help!!

It can be so tempting to respond to someone’s post with tons of (well-intentioned) advice.

BUT the problem with this is not everyone is looking to be “coached.”  OR, we forget to ask questions first, before straight-up giving advice, and this can ruffle some feathers for people.

Journal exercise: Are there areas in my life where I’m coaching people without being given permission? How can I change this?


Don’t get me wrong – we are advocates for our clients and we want the BEST for them. Of course we are by their sides, encouraging and wanting them to succeed.

BUT there is a point where we need to be (for lack of better word) hard-asses.

They hired us for a specific reason, and it’s up to US as coaches to tell it how we see it, shed light on their blind spots and self-sabotaging behaviors, and be (kindly) firm about what clients need to do/not do in order to achieve the desired results.

Journal exercise: How can I show up for my clients in a way that best supports their journey, without enabling?


As the heart-centered group that we coaches tend to be, getting a little too emotionally involved with clients is something I’m sure we can all relate to!

Especially if you are new to the coaching scene, if clients don’t seem willing to implement strategies you teach them or aren’t really making progress it can be so easy to take this personally!

Sometimes, clients just aren’t ready to make certain commitments or changes – which is really hard for us coaches (because we want the best for them).

But this doesn’t mean the client won’t EVER make the necessary changes or that they regret working with you!

So try not to get offended. You are still making an impact and serving at your highest level. And that is all you can do!

Journal exercise: How can I protect my emotions throughout each client experience? Are there affirmations or special self-care activities I can use to keep a positive mindset?


When someone says the word “marketing,” you can’t help but notice some feelings of stress and maybe panic set in.

You go all out posting on all the social media platforms, pumping out content, doing live videos, emailing your list everyday….basically #allthethings because you need more clients STAT.

You tell yourself that all this hustling is temporary (who needs sleep anyway?), because once you get clients, then you can rest from the marketing hustle.

This, my friends, is the feast or famine phenomenon.

If you don’t have a strategy for remaining visible and capturing leads on a CONSISTENT basis, then you are trapped in this vicious client-hunting cycle.

Not only is this extremely stressful, but it also slows down your business’s ability to scale.

It is crucial that you set aside time each and every day for your IGA’s, or income generating activities.

Journal exercise: Do I have a strategy in place for consistently bringing in clients? What are my IGA’s? 


I’m going to make this short and sweet.

Too many offers confuse people. And a confused mind does not buy.

I have found this to be true in my own business. Once I did my market research and saw one problem come up time and again, I put together ONE offer.

One offer, for one problem, in one specific niche.

Focus on this one offer, for one year.

Not only did my business explode, but honestly having one offer really simplifies EVERYTHING for me. Marketing, content creation, my messaging – it all became so much easier.

I highly recommend you take inventory of what you are currently offering to your audience, and focus on ONE offer.

Journal exercise: What is my one offer?


Okay, this one can make life really bad, really fast.

Basically, we need to set boundaries. And we need to do this at the start of our relationships with clients.

Not doing so results in: resentment, burnout, and God forbid – can cause you to throw in the towel!

For example, if you don’t let your client know your office hours – or when you can respond to messages – then you’re giving your client the impression that you’re available 24/7.

If you don’t set clear expectations and create boundaries in your business and client relationships, you run the risk of feeling like an “employee.”

Journal exercise: Do I have a client onboarding system that sets clear expectations for communicating, call schedule, homework due dates, etc? Outline the process.


This is something very prevalent in the online entrepreneurial space.

Life coach, mindset coach, health coach, financial coach….these are the industries you are a coach for. But what problem do you actually solve, and for who?

Because when you market yourself online to potential clients, these labels are simply too broad to attract the exact clients you want.

Think about it, are you more drawn to:

the health coach for moms


 the health coach who helps busy moms create exercise and meal plans in 30 minutes/day.

You have probably heard the saying, “the riches are in the niches.”

And babe, this is so true.

As soon as I narrowed down to a business coach who helps female coaches get more clients online, BOOM. My revenue shot up and my dream clients come to ME. Why? Because I am known to one specific group of people for one specific thing.

Journal exercise: Think about what you offer, and for who. How can you drill down your title or mission statement so that you are calling out those very specific dream clients?


We all have our gut feelings or intuitions. As a coach and business owner, it’s super important to tap into those gut feelings.

And yes, that applies to who we decide to take on as clients.

I think so many of us entrepreneurs have signed on a client that we FELT, deep down, is not the best fit for whatever reason. But maybe we need to hit that monthly income goal, or else we really hate saying “no” when we know we can help solve the problem….

Whatever the case, is has always ALWAYS bit me in the butt when I took on a client that I KNEW wasn’t a good fit.

And if we are repeatedly taking on clients who aren’t good fits, what happens? Our energy is drained, and we start to feel burnout or resentment towards our business.

So I say, let’s operate our businesses from an abundance mindset. Know that your next and best client is always just around the corner, making her way to you.

Be guided by your instincts, and trust your intuition.

Journal exercise: Can you think of a time you signed a client that you knew wasn’t a good fit? How did you feel during the consultation call? How did you feel during your time working with that client? Think of a time you trusted your gut. What was the outcome?

What do you think?


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