6 Secrets to Attract Your DREAM clients

Girlfriend, you have such a heart to serve, don’t you?

And you can’t WAIT to grow your impact and help others achieve THEIR dreams, amiright?

BUT here’s the thing:

You don’t want to work with just anybody.

You want to work with people who share your values, who you respect and who respect YOU.

You want to work with people who have projects and messages that excite you. People who you can’t wait to wake up in the morning ready to serve.

In other words, you want to work with DREAM clients.

And you deserve to! I mean, why start your own business if you can’t call the shots?? #CEO

But you might be wondering, how do I find these dream clients?

Don’t worry, sister – I got you covered!

They’re out there, waiting for your special approach and expertise.

And if you follow the secrets below, you will live your best life working with those exact people you had in mind when you first started your business.

Ready to dive in? Let’s go!!


Dream client. Perfect client. Ideal client avatar.

It’s all the same. And whatever term you use, the idea is the same here: you want to come up with a vivid description for this perfect client of yours.

Give her a name (I use Mary, btw!).

So let’s get to know Mary. Here are some questions I want to ask about her:

  • What type of business does Mary have? How long has she been in business? Who does she help?

  • Where does Mary hang out online? What STRUGGLES does she have in her business? What keeps her up at night, stressed and frustrated?

  • Where does Mary see herself in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years? How much money does she currently make in her business, and how much does she WANT to make?

These are all important things to know.

I also suggest writing this detailed description down somewhere you can easily refer back to.

As you work with more and more of your dream clients, you will get clear on what common attributes you enjoy about those clients, and what problems you are good at solving.

Once you have a clear picture of the specific person you want to help, you can begin to take action with secret #2.

Psst! A really easy way to start is by visualizing having a coffee date with your ideal client. What would you ask her?


Alright, sister, here’s the fun part!

Having a picture in your mind of your dream client is super important because it forces you to really think about who it is you would enjoy working with.

But now it’s time to TALK to people.

Market research lets us see if what we think about their business needs and struggles are actually the case!

I LOVE market research because it takes out all of the confusion or overwhelm as we’re creating our offers.

We are literally asking our ideal client what they need help with.

Post your request for market research where you think your ideal client hangs out. This would be FB groups, Insta, LinkedIn, your email list, etc.

Stuck on what to ask?? Hey, I got ya 🙂  Take this script and tweak to your liking:


I’m looking for _______ to chat with me!

I’m asking only 15 minutes of your time to help me do some marketing research for my business.

AND if you decide to help a girl out, I’m giving each person a complimentary Starbucks gift card (because who doesn’t love Starbucks?!)

Comment YES, if you’re a good fit!

What do you think?


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