5 Reasons You Need to Love the Way You Get Clients

Getting clients – you either love it, or you hate it, right? The truth is, as an online business owner you are responsible for many things. And, especially if you’re just starting out – #AllTheThings. The buck stops with you, baby!

Bookkeeping, content creation, emails, admin, client calls.

All this in addition to the actual service you provide!

You are wearing all the hats, babe. This is why it is super important that you LOVE your system to get clients.

I whole-heartedly believe that when we are having fun in our business, we make more money.

So without further delay, here are some specific reasons why it is super important that you are in LOVE with the way you get clients.

Psst: when I say, “the way you get clients” another way to think of it is: “whatever you are currently doing to market yourself”. Feel clear?


We all know the only way to be seen is to show up, right? And we must show up consistently.

If we don’t have a system, and we are instead trying a bunch of different tactics to show up on all the different platforms, it is SO easy to feel the burnout.

And once burnout happens, it is very likely to get discouraged and ultimately give up on our marketing efforts.

The simple truth is: You need to consistently show up in order to gain traction.

When you come up with a specific system, you are creating a gameplan. And your gameplan will take out the guesswork on where, when, and how to show up online.

So you can finally be consistent with your marketing efforts, build that traction, and start getting those clients booked in your calendar.

Can I get a hallelujah on that??


Let me guess:

You’re downloading all the freebies, watching all the webinars, jumping from shiny object to shiny object. You’re trying to be everywhere, learn everything, and DO everything.

And I totally get it! I was in this place too.

But I learned that when you don’t have an actual gameplan to follow (one that makes sense for YOUR business) it is SUPER easy to get overwhelmed and confused with all the different strategies out there.

Basically, without a gameplan you’re shooting in the dark, throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping it’ll stick. Hoping that SOMETHING you did SOMEWHERE online will get you a client.

And where’s the predictability in that??

Once my clients build their systems to get clients, they are amazed to discover how much control they actually have when it comes to filling their client calendar – AND meeting their income goals.

Systems allow you to complete your income-generating activities – i.e. the things that directly tie to your business making money – in a predictable way, which gets you predictable income.


Once you know your system for getting clients, you won’t feel that overwhelm or burnout.

You’ll stay motivated to consistently do those all-important tasks that fuel your business. The tasks that bring you clients, and keep that money flowing in.

I see so many entrepreneurs begin their business journeys with passion and fire.

But then a challenge arises.

Their post on Facebook doesn’t get a like or comment. Or they didn’t get a response to their latest email. Or they had a no-show for a consultation coaching call.

What happens then?

Doubt. Discouragement. Giving up.

Maybe you’re trying to replicate what other people are doing online to get clients, and you don’t have a clear plan or reason as to WHY you’re doing a specific activity.

So you’re not sure that what you’re doing is even working. And you’re starting to wake up dreading those marketing efforts for your business.

Don’t worry! I’ve got good news for you!

There are literally hundreds of different ways for you to market your services and get more clients online.

This is a beautiful thing!

Just because your business bestie goes live on Facebook everyday, does not mean that you have to do the same.

You want to start a podcast? Go for it! Maybe you prefer posting content to LinkedIn. Or maybe you looove sending emails to your list. Cool!

The point is, when you love your system to get clients, showing up every day to do the work won’t actually feel like WORK.

Sure, maybe some days you will feel a little less excited to roll up your sleeves than others. But you won’t feel overwhelmed. Or stressed. Or have a lack of confidence.

There is a difference between feeling a little lazy, and flat-out dreading something.

Maybe you get super excited to get dolled up for a YouTube video, but absolutely hate posting on LinkedIn.

Well, then I think you should probably keep doing those YouTube videos and let go of the LinkedIn posts!

Remember, consistency is key.

And there is a reason why you naturally gravitate towards certain tasks than others.

You are capable and far, FAR more likely to stay motivated and consistent when you focus on a few, specific tasks that you don’t actually dread doing.


I mean, can we talk about the value of time in our lives??

And when you have your client-getting system figured out, you are saving tons of your precious time!

No more second-guessing what social media activities you will be doing each day. (Which, let’s be honest, ultimately ends up being a scrolling-for-hours type of situation…am I right?).

I’m here to tell you that you do NOT need to be in Facebook groups all day long. (Is that a sigh of relief I hear??).

No more wasting energy stressing over what might, should, or could work to bring in leads.

Because you already know! You have your tried and true system, unique to your strengths and preferences, that already works.

You can instead then focus your time and energy on things that grow and scale your business.

OR maybe you just want more time in your day to spend with your kids, your friends, traveling, hobbies, or…whatever! The things that are important to YOU and bring joy into your life.


We’ve just talked about how systems allow you to take out the guesswork on how to be visible online, which ultimately saves you tons of time and energy.

When you have systems in place, you are more efficient. You are able to pinpoint what activities make your business money, so you can focus all your attention on those activities.

The other stuff that you don’t enjoy quite as much, but can’t ignore (maybe bookkeeping, or public relations outreach, or Facebook group moderation, etc), you can outsource.

Hiring a VA, or an Online Business Manager, can do wonders for your ability to grow your business.

You can also streamline processes by setting up email, payment, or onboarding automations.

When you’re caught up in the weeds of your business (the things that are necessary to the back-office side of things, but not what directly ties to you making money), you are losing precious time to dedicate toward growing and scaling.

And that also means you are being kept from helping those people you want to help – the reason why you started your business in the first place!

Babe, if you’re not having FUN and LOVING what you’re doing in your business each and every day, then something in your biz is broken.

But the good news is – I can help you fix it.


What do you think?


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