5 PRO Tips To NAIL Your Next Sales Call!

Do sales calls have you caught in a whirl of anxiety?  Give you that hands-sweating, heart-pumping, and nail-biting kind of dread?

I used to feel this way too.

My first sales call was pretty disastrous.


I rambled. I forgot to ask questions. I squeaked out my price at the end, awkwardly thanked him for the time, and then hung up.

No surprises here – I didn’t make the sale.

Fast-forward to now, after HUNDREDS of sales calls, I have learned to actually LOVE them!!

In fact, in my signature Get More Clients program, I make sure to dedicate an entire module all about sales. I give you the lowdown on the mindset you need to have, sales call do’s and dont’s, and what you absolutely need to do AFTER the call.

Lucky for YOU (‘cause I love you just that much!), in this post I am breaking down my 5 top sales call tips that I teach in my program.


You just got a calendar notification that someone has booked a coaching call with you.


Oh, but wait. That means you have to get on the phone (or video!) and TALK to a stranger!

To pitch your program. To persuade and convince!

Don’t stress, I gotchu!

Here are my main mindset checks:

  • First things first, remember that they booked a call with you, so they are already interested. There was no arm-twisting there!

  • Second, remind yourself that you are simply having a conversation. You are getting to know someone and about their business.

  • Third, you are assessing the situation, and if you can solve their problem.

I believe that a sales call doesn’t have to feel, well, sales-y. You don’t need to become a verbal ninja and use weird, flowery language to confuse your prospective client into buying what you’re selling.

When you LOVE your offer, that energy and enthusiasm will naturally shine through. And it’s then just a matter of your prospective client wanting it, or not.

The pressure is off, babe! We’re not in the business of using high-pressure sales tactics here.

We’re sorting our leads – if they’re a fit, we make the offer. If not, then we simply refer them to someone else in our network, or send them off with some free resources!

It’s a 2-way street here – you don’t NEED to work with anyone you don’t want to.


Save your sanity, and make sure you have the automated emails and text reminders set-up for when you get an appointment booked.

The lovely automations in your calendar system do all that pre-call reminder work for you (isn’t it great to be in business in 2020??).

You can rest easy knowing that your prospective client will get all the notifications leading up to the call.

After the initial appointment confirmation email, I recommend programming a reminder email to go out 24 hours before the call, and one hour before the call. If you want to go a step further – set up a text reminder an hour before the call, too.

Personally, I have seen a drastic decrease in sales-call no-shows after implementing these email and text reminders.

The more you automate, the more freeing your business becomes.


When you create those automations, toot your own horn by including screenshots of past client wins and accomplishments!

Provide them with a link to your latest blog post or YouTube video. Highlight content that demonstrates your authority and expertise in your field!

Record a short, 30-second video of yourself and embed it on your appointment thank-you page. Introduce yourself and your business, and give them an idea of what they can expect on that call!

You want to get them excited for the call while ALSO justifying their decision, assuring them that they made the right choice booking with YOU.

So if you want to get your leads warm and practically PRESELL your offer BEFORE you even hop on the call, I highly suggest flaunting some social proof!!


So THIS was one of my early sales call mistakes.

I was nervous, and not as confident, so to make up for these jitters I ended up dominating the conversation.

I overwhelmed my prospect, and I didn’t properly answer their questions or respond to their pain points!

A super easy solution that would have calmed my nerves, and closed the sale??

Just listening!!

Instead of immediately talking about what WE bring to the table, let THEM communicate their problem.

Ask THEM the questions (keep them short and simple!!), and listen for their pain points.

Again, this method takes the pressure off of you, since you are mostly listening!!

When it’s your turn to speak, if you can repeat their pain points in their words, they feel understood. Connected.

And as long as you present yourself and your offer in an authentic way – and you genuinely know you can help solve their problem – you’ve got a red-hot lead!


Remember: a typical sale is made after at LEAST 5 follow-ups!

So, if we didn’t close the sale on the call, first: know that this is ok. You didn’t KILL the sale. And second: definitely make it a part of your process to follow-up on a regular basis.

This means sending weekly emails with helpful content, or sending a personalized direct message on whatever social media platform. The point being, you want to keep them in your circle.

But the BEST way to get your prospective client BACK on the phone with you, is to schedule that follow-up call right there on the first appointment call. 

If they’re not ready to say “yes,” it’s totally ok and we are NOT going to pressure them.

But just know, it is also totally ok to simply ask what their decision-making process looks like, and when a good time would be to talk some more.

So you’re respecting their need for space and time to think things over, but also confirming that there will be a follow-up conversation.


If you implement the steps laid out in this post, you will be well on your way to rockin’ your next sales call!

P.S. But…I get it. Sometimes we need CUSTOM SUPPORT and guidance in our biz.

If you think this is you, I have a special invitation to offer.

What do you think?


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