5 Easy Tips to (Tactfully) Reach Out to Potential Clients

No spamming or creepy stalking going on here!

You’re scrolling on your phone, and suddenly you see that alluring red notification pop up.

Of course, you click it.

Um, wow! Your ideal client just commented on your epic value-filled FB post, or followed you on Instagram. YES!!

But wait – now what??

Thoughts start zipping through your mind.

If you wait too long to reach out, you’ve missed your golden window of connection opportunity.

But you don’t want to reach out TOO quickly and say something silly or unprofessional and scare away your lead!

Oh the agony of online networking etiquette!

Before you throw in the towel and declare yourself unfit for this online business thing, read these 5 EASY-breezy tips for reaching out to potential clients.

(In a NON-spammy way, of course!!)


Yes, we’re all here to get clients and make money doing what we love.

And lucky for us – we can do all of this online!! (I mean, anyone else conducting client calls in pajama pants…not just me, right?!)


BUT let’s not forget about real human-to-human connection.

What do I mean by this?

Well, if you want to resonate with a potential client, you need to reach out to her in a way that feels genuine.

Make sure all of your responses, messages, or follows come from a place of true authenticity.

Take a few minutes to do a little research on your newest follower or latest post commenter.

  • Click over to her social media profile. What does her bio or profile say? Do you think she could be someone you can actually help?

  • What does her content reveal about her perspective on life? Do you agree or vibe with it?

Then, leave a thoughtful compliment acknowledging something you saw and liked from her profile.

It’s that simple!


After you leave that genuine, thoughtful comment on your potential client’s Instagram feed or FB page, you need to somehow continue that conversation.

THIS is where a lot of people get stuck.

I think we put SO much pressure on these conversations, right? Because we are putting all our eggs in that basket – the new potential client suddenly becomes THE client we MUST get. (That right there is a topic for another post!).

So what happens? Our conversations get weird and off-putting. We default to talking about what makes us comfortable – which is ourselves.

Sometimes we are SO excited about our business that we can’t help but start conversations with Me Me Me. “This is what I do and I just love MY life because I’m able to do x-y-z everyday and my business is amazing because….”

You get the picture.

And don’t get me wrong — I totally want you to love your life and business!

BUT when it comes to meeting new people, and having those first conversations, you want to zone in on THEM.

  • What do they do?

  • How did their business get started?

  • How is business going for them?

Focusing the conversation on your potential client will be the quickest and most surefire way to keep them interested in continuing the conversation.


We’ve all probably at some point been victim to that message from a stranger, that was nothing but a link to their product or service, right?

Ugh!! SO cringy and annoying.

And I don’t know about you, but that is NOT the way to get me amped up to check out your business.

Before we start dropping our links left and right, we need to do one thing:

Ask for permission.

For example: let’s say someone posts on Facebook looking for a coach. Instead of just commenting with your website or calendar link, I would:

  1.  Comment a friendly greeting.

  2. Then, in that greeting, let them know I am sending a private message.

  3. In that private message, I would start asking questions. Get to know more about their situation, and what they are looking for in a coach.

  4. THEN, after some back and forth dialogue, I would ask if it’s ok for me to send that calendar link for a call, or a freebie that I think would help them out.

When you ask for permission, you don’t come across as spammy. Actually the opposite happens!!

You build trust with the other person because you’re being respectful and thoughtful with your approach.


Ever resonate with a piece of content from someone on Insta or another platform?

Share it on your stories! Tag them. Give them the credit on your own platform.

This is the ultimate compliment.

Sharing an authentic appreciation for someone else’s content is a great way to put yourself (tactfully) on their radar.

The chances are that this person you admire will acknowledge your comment or shoutout, and then very likely head over to YOUR profile.

It is very possible that through regular commenting, liking, and sharing content from an ideal client of yours, a relationship can form and your next client booked!


Maybe you’ve been implementing all of the tips above.

And maybe your dream client just isn’t ready to take that next step yet – whether that step is booking a strategy call or signing up for your coaching program.

And you know what? That’s ok!

We need to remember 2 things:

  1. Statistics show that it typically takes at least 5 follow-ups before you close a sale (MIND-BLOWN).

  2. We are in business for the long-haul. We can wait for the right clients to come around.

So if your potential client isn’t ready to say YES to your offer, the best thing to do is give them their space and pull back – but not all the way.

Keep them in your world by inviting them into your free Facebook group or email list. This way they will continue to get any resources, freebies, and helpful content you put out.

You remain visible and are continuing to follow-up with prospective clients  – but in a non-pushy or intimidating way.

I hear all the time from NEW clients that they had been quietly following me for months – sometimes years! – before signing up to work with me.

That’s amazing! And so important to realize.

Even if it seems like no one is liking your posts, or engaging with that live video, there will always be some curious, loyal fans watching and gaining value from you.

So it’s important to show up consistently online, to engage and nurture relationships with people, and ultimately just be your authentic self.

The right clients will say an excited HELL YES! to your offer when they are ready.

I sincerely hope these 5 tips will help you in your client-getting conversations. 


What do you think?


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