4 Tricks To Get More EYEBALLS On Your FB Posts

(Copywriting Secrets, Revealed!)

All right. This is it!!

Finger hovering over that button, your heart thumps with nervous anticipation.

After a swig of (insert liquid courage of choice), you click that “post” button.


There it is for all the world to see – your heart on your sleeve, your brain on display.

Your Facebook post.

You spend a few minutes more aimlessly scrolling through your feed. Your eyes can’t help but dart involuntarily to your (still unchanged) notification tab.

The likes and comments will come. They MUST.

You unveiled your new coaching program with all its bells and whistles. Obviously people will read the glorious details and express their red-hot interest, right?

You force yourself to break the magnetic bond your laptop holds over you, and go about your day.

After all, someone needs to get dinner started…

Hours later, you plunk yourself down all cozy-like on the couch with a glass of wine and your laptop and eagerly log into Facebook.

Bracing yourself to be the top post-of-the-day. The one that shows up first in all the groups, because it was so amazing and insightful and impactful and….


No red notifications.

No likes, comments, or shares.


What went wrong???

Ugh! It’s gotta be that *&#! Algorithm, right??


BUT I’m here to say, if you understand how it works, you can make it work FOR you.

So before we declare Facebook marketing dead and resign to never publish another post again, let’s take a good read about these 4 tricks for engagement first!

And before we get started, make sure you download my epic list of 250 Facebook groups you can post in!!


These days Facebook is super smart. Super intuitive.

The posts displayed on your newsfeed is Facebook’s best guess on what it thinks YOU will enjoy reading and interacting with.

Naturally, this largely involves your family’s’ posts and group posts. Why? Because of the community factor.

Communities engage with each other, comment thoughtfully and meaningfully. Have back-and-forth conversations.

The posts that you actually stop to read, taking some minutes of your time, tells Facebook that THIS is an interesting post to you.

And guess what? Next time you refresh your newsfeed, you will see similar story-style posts AND posts from the same people.

(I can see those wheels turning in your head!)

If you just scroll and mindlessly “like, like, like” everyone’s post or status without actually taking the time to read it or leave a thoughtful comment…well then this will make you and your page LESS visible to others.

Why? Because you’re not interacting with the content, and the speedy “likes” are putting you in the category as a Bot. 😱

So to come full circle here, if you want others to see and engage with YOUR post, then you need to read and engage with THEIR posts.

Oh and please PLEASE – make sure to reply to every single comment someone makes on your posts!! No one wants to feel overlooked or ignored.

Real and meaningful interactions are key here, in this algorithm. So be a conversation starter and get in those comments!


Well, not literally.

But you know what I mean!

Headlines and calls-to-action. REALLLLLY important, people!

We just talked all about how if you want your posts to boost in the algorithm, you need peeps engaging with your content!

The stuff in the body of your posts can be jaw-dropping, life-changing content here, but IF NO ONE READS IT…..no one will see it.

You’ve GOT TO make sure your headlines are scroll-stoppingly good.

Note: by “headline,” I mean the first 1-3 sentences in your post. When you space out your sentences, people will only see the first few lines. So make them intentional, and put up the benefits FRONT and CENTER. This is your one chance to pique their interest!

Case in point:

One of my most recent Facebook posts inside my group, Successful Female Entrepreneurs got craaaazy engagement.

(side-note: if you’re not already a member in my group, girl get your booty in there!!)

Yup, crazy engagement. Wanna guess why?

Super compelling, grab-ya-by-the-eyeballs, benefits-driven headline….

AND a clear, strong call to action!

Let’s dissect this!

Money is already a powerful and alluring topic.

I knew I didn’t need to write a long post. Keeping it short, clear, and value-driven (hello, FREE guide), made for an incredibly impactful post that generated a LOT of interest.

Which leads to…


What problem do you solve for your audience?

WHY does your ideal client want to work with you?

Generally, people’s desires fall into one of these three categories: money, sex, health.

Meaning, people buy because they desperately want more money, more sex (or love), or better health and happiness. Often times these categories blend into one another, too.

For example, if you’re a health coach, women come to you because they want to lose weight. But WHY is it important to them to lose the weight? YOU know that losing weight means better digestion, a healthier heart, and more energy.

But – in this moment – the REAL motivator for them hiring you as their health coach is so that they can lose weight to look more attractive, to feel sexier and more confident.

You see the difference here? If you are able to know the underlying emotions and desires of your ideal client, you can craft a post that speaks directly to that pain point.

Right now, they’re not thinking about better digestion. So we’re not going to mention this in our posts.

Instead, they’re really thinking about fitting into their pre-baby jeans and how much better life would be if they could just shed those 20 pounds so they can feel sexier for their partners.

If we want their full attention, then we need to write posts that call out their pain points and tap into their emotions.


Now, it’s definitely true: we all want more leads.

And we post in Facebook groups because we need to be visible to our ideal clients.

But something to remember is, social media is also an escape! We hop on Facebook when we’re bored, and feel the need to connect with others and see what they’re up to!

So if you start posting about OTHER topics you care about or are curious about, and not just about your latest group program, you will find that people (who might still actually be your ideal clients) will be drawn to comment!

Here are some ideas to post about:

  • What do you stand for? What do you stand against?

  • What tips can you share about your industry, just to be helpful? (No pitch)

  • What’s going on in your world that your audience can relate to? (Mom life, holiday prep, wedding planning, meal ideas, etc)

Sometimes, we just want to exchange ideas freely without feeling like we’re being pitched to, right??

If you can craft posts that initiate this kind of engagement on a consistent basis, you will not only pop up in people’s feeds more frequently, but you’ll also win their trust and curiosity.

They’ll click on your profile, see what your business is about…and maybe even contact you for more information!

So new friends AND potential clients?? Now that’s what I’m talking about!!

Alright babe, I’m all about taking action and implementing what I learn — I’m guessing you are too!

I’m all about the simple. So to help take the guesswork out of where to post, I’ve compiled a list of over 250 (!!) Facebook groups for you to explore!

What do you think?


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