3 steps I took to get my first 10k followers on Instagram (actual strategies I used!)

So, I hear you LOVE Instagram

With the pretty feeds, inspirational captions, and really cool people to virtually “meet” and follow…I can’t say I blame ya!

Another great thing about Instagram is that it’s a HOT platform to get your next client. (And no, you really DON’T have to have tons of followers to make this platform work for you).

BUT…it is important to know that growing an audience of quality followers – i.e. attracting your tribe – on Instagram is the BEST and FASTEST way to become known in your niche and to make those $$ sales happen.

So, if you are looking to grow your audience organically, then this is the post for you! 

I am breaking down the 3 strategies I personally used to grow my following to 10k. (And I’m not talking follow/unfollow!)

So grab your phone, babe. Let’s open up that app and get started!

Strategy #1: Comment on your ideal client’s posts

If you’re looking to expand your reach, you definitely need to be the one swimming out into a wider pond.

What do I mean by this?

Start visiting your ideal clients’ profiles – or anyone who you would want as a follower. Check out their feed and their content. Do you vibe with it?

If so, give them a follow (if you don’t already), and start leaving some meaningful comments.

The thing about this strategy is, you need to be quite consistent and leave comments every day on their new posts. 

Eventually, the more frequently your name pops up the more likely it is that this person will like or reply to your comment – which means you have caught their interest. 

It’s only natural that they will be curious enough to click on your profile! (P.S. make sure your IG profile is optimized for your business!)

Check out this post if you wanna learn more about how to do that!

This also brings me to another piece of this strategy: comment on the comments of your ideal clients’ posts.

Maybe instead of – or even in addition to – leaving your own comment on a post you resonate with…scroll through the other comments from that post. If one of those catches your attention, leave an authentic (!!) response! 

That person will receive a notification, and (after thinking, who’s this chick?) will very, very likely click your profile to check you out!

You may have just gained another fabulous follower!

Strategy #2: Harness the power of stories

For SURE engage with your ideal clients’ stories. 

Use the hashtag feature to look-up new accounts that fall into your target niche, and start watching their stories.

Respond and react to them (again, always in an authentic way)  and try to continue conversations in the DM’s. 

You get what you give, so if you’re being super engaging and showing lots of interest and appreciation for the content your dream clients are putting out, there is a greater likelihood that they will return the favor and follow you back!

Also, make your OWN stories engaging. Offer options like polls, Q&A boxes, and write in captions.

When you’re trying to grow your following, you should try to make it a priority to be on stories daily. 

If you’re on daily, per Insta’s algorithm your stories have a high chance of showing up first in your current followers’ homepage. (Just like Facebook, the algorithm favors visibility based on: Relationship, then same-interest, then recently-uploaded).

If someone new lands on your profile, there’s a good chance they will check out your stories first. Seeing and hearing you allows for an almost instant connection, and eases the barrier for someone to know, like, and trust you.

In summary, stories are a fantastic (and FUN!) way to gain new followers.

Strategy #3: Strategic content

First, make sure you rework your IG profile bio so that’s it’s optimized for SEO. 

If you’re a mindset coach, for example, instead of listing just your name, write out your name AND include the term “mindset coach.”

Think about what people are searching for in the app. You want to be one of those that automatically pops up in the search bar if someone types “mindset coach”!

Another way to get people to find your account is to strategically use hashtags. 

Use hashtags that are relevant to your niche, what you think your audience would search for. I also recommend that you do a little research and use hashtags that are in the 15,000 – 150,000 range. 

You don’t want to get drowned out in a sea of accounts by using only massive hashtags (like #business, or #entrepreneurs).

Next, if you want to keep your audience engaged and impress potential followers, make sure to put out content on a consistent basis.

It doesn’t need to be BRAND NEW content each time. You can repurpose old content from maybe a former blog post, or Facebook post – take the main point or two and re-write a caption for Insta that will speak to your ideal audience.

Something to aim for is posting “shareable” content. 

This can be an inspirational quote, or if you’re offering a giveaway of some kind definitely have people share that specific post as part of the call-to-action!

The more people that share your posts, the wider reach you get!


Another tip to help drive traffic to your IG:

If you have other platforms you put out content on, like YouTube or a podcast, you can make sure you add your Instagram handle to the show notes and tell people to check out your account for more helpful content!

There we have it! The 3 steps and strategies I used to grow my own Instagram to 10k – all organically, baby!

You probably noticed a theme throughout this post: consistency is the key.

If you remain consistent with engaging in the comments, putting out great content, and hopping on your stories, then it’s only a matter of time before you grow your audience to whatever size you desire!

What ways have you used to grow your Instagram following? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

What do you think?


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